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How to choose Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet
Addtimes: 2023-04-21

Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet

1、 The material selection is low lead brass. Choose wire drawing or chrome plating for surface processing. Firstly, when selecting kitchen faucets, it is important to choose low lead copper materials. Everyone knows that copper has good corrosion resistance and antibacterial effects, but the heavy metal lead is usually residual when casting copper faucets. Lead is highly toxic, and the kitchen faucet is the water used for cooking and drinking every day.

2、 It is best to choose a gravity hammer to pull the faucet. Pulling the faucet can clean the sink well, making it more convenient than fixing the faucet. However, the poor quality of the pull faucet has poor resilience, and it cannot automatically rebound in less than two months. Also, the length of the pulling hose should generally be chosen between 40 and 60 for the most comfortable pulling.

3、 The material of the pull tube is not recommended for metal hoses, which are easy to trip. Priority should be given to nylon material, which is wear-resistant and flexible.

4、 It must be a ceramic valve core. The ceramic valve core is durable and generally won't be damaged after opening and closing millions of times. The valve core is the "heart" of the faucet, and quality is crucial. There are ceramic valve cores, stainless steel valve cores, and roller type valve cores available on the market. The most widely used and cost-effective ceramic valve core is Kohler Bathroom's valve core, which uses its own.

5、 Plating is very important. It is important to make sure that the coating meets the national 24-hour standard for salt spray testing. If it cannot even meet the 24-hour national standard, or if it has just exceeded it, buy it and wait for it to corrode and rust. For example, the standards for good faucets on the market are all over 48 hours old. For example, Kohler's faucets, the salt spray test can exceed the standard of 48 to 96 hours. This coating can be corroded by air for hundreds of years without any damage, with a focus on being as bright as new.

6、 The adjustment mode should be adjustable in multiple gears, and it is important to remember to have a bubbler to ensure smooth water flow and prevent splashing.

7、 The kitchen induction faucet can be purchased or not, and the general price is relatively high, and the cost-effectiveness is not very high for ordinary people. But those who pursue the ultimate quality of life can consider installing an induction faucet.

8、 During the installation process, it is necessary to install the faucet before installing the sink.

9、 Do not use corrosive cleaning agents such as detergent or oxalic acid for faucet cleaning, otherwise it may cause damage to the coating. It should be gently wiped with soap and water. A warm cloth can generally remove stains, provided that the coating is in an excellent condition.

Do you know how to choose kitchen faucets? I believe everyone has a certain choice. For more styles of kitchen faucets, please feel free to contact us.

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