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How to remove the kitchen faucet
Addtimes: 2023-04-21

kitchen faucet

How to remove the kitchen faucet? Let's follow the bathroom manufacturer to learn more.

1. Close the water gate of the house

Before replacing the faucet, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is necessary to close the water gate in the house to avoid water spraying.

2. Wait for residual water to be discharged completely

After the water gate is closed, it is necessary to wait for a while to ensure that the remaining water in the faucet has been drained before proceeding with the operation. Of course, to save time, you can also directly use paper towels or towels to absorb water, and the drainage progress can also be accelerated.

3. Pry open the protective plate

After the water is drained, you can operate it. Use a knife to pry off the protective film on the faucet handle. This step is relatively simple because the protective film is usually directly attached or glued on. The editor reminds everyone to still pay attention to safety when using knives.

4. Unscrew screw

Take a picture of the corresponding model of screwdriver, observe the direction, and unscrew the screw on the faucet handle.

5. Remove the faucet

After unscrewing the screw, the faucet can be removed. The faucet handle is usually fixed by biting the teeth, and can be removed with force.

6. Complete disassembly

After removing the faucet, the lower shaft can be opened for disassembly. After disassembly is completed, relevant tools should be promptly organized and the disassembled items should be placed properly.

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